2 responses to “quran-excel-eng-si

  1. Dear Muhammad Arshad,
    May Allah reward you and grant you Jannah for this wonderful Job.
    It is an outstanding work and it will help many people, including myself inshalllah to build on it. I have a project in mind about this amazing book that our lord and maker gifted mankind with it. It is a living book, it talks about the past, the present, and the future. It is summarized with the major events from the past, that will ultimately will be repeated simply in another time and probably with different tools. Otherwise humanity is the same, some do good, some do bad, and some in between. May make this book our real guidance, keeping us on the right path but if it happens to miss it occasionally, It will help us to come back with humbleness and sincere repentance before it is too late, Amen.

    • Dear ik,
      May I know your name please?
      Thanks, a lot for nice supplication, May Allah (SWT) accept efforts from all of us. Ameen!
      It is my pleasure and many thanks to Allah (SWT) that he chose me for all of this.
      It is the guidance for whole of humanity. The small efforts we all do in no way make up for all the blessing he has bestowed upon us.
      May Allah (SWT) give you time to complete your nice project and “In-sha-Allah” By the grace of Allah (SWT)
      You will do it. Did you already start it, would you like to share the idea about your project?
      Muhammad Arshad Naseem

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