Quran Pdf files

Quran-e-karim pdf

This big font PDF file has links to different locations in Holy Quran, as per the shown tables in the file.
 It shows the Manzil, Para, Ayate Sajda, Sura, Ruku, Hizb, Rubu and Aaya’s. It is useful for memorization.

Note:-  As per user’s comments, it is really nice for Memorization.



Quran-e-karim WbyW pdf

This  Word by Word PDF file has the following featues
Urdu meaning up to para 25, Job is in progress for Urdu WbyW translation.



Quran-e-karim Grammar pdf

This  Grammar PDF file has the following featues



Quran-e-karim Urdu pdf

Quran Excel Urdu translation



Quran-e-karim Urdu/English pdf

Quran Excel Urdu/ English translation



(-قرآنی دعائیں+)pdf



چند مبہم حقائق pdf




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    +966 (phone number saved)

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