Understanding Holy Quran


Download PDF file for introduction



بِسْمِ اللّهِ الرَّحْمـَنِ الرَّحِيمِ
اللہ کے نام سے جو رحمان و رحیم ہے

In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Beneficent.

*May Allah lead us to right path!*

I am from Abbottabad (Pakistan) and worked as an Analyzer technologist at different Petrochemical industries.
I spared my time for the sake of Allah (SWT) and prepared some download-able files for easy learning of Holy Quran,
Transliteration for non-Arabic readers,
Multilingual section, 
50 translations,

 section, Urdu/English translations,
Grammar Section, diff. grammar perspectives
Amazing Features
 of Quran

Islamic MIP (Most Important Personalities) 
and Selected Verses on different topics
Two PDF files are there one as a site introduction and other “Quran with big font” with links on table of contents.
All other in Excel format” with Nice, Easy and user friendly search capability
tab is there in each file,
you can search by Sura, Aaya, ParaRoots, WordsPart of word and Grammar Topics.
Click the link next to the searched Word, it will jump quickly
to the same word location in the Holy Quran 
(WordbyWord section then Holy Quran in case of WordbyWord file)
(Grammar section then Holy Quran in case of Grammar file)
This search function is very helpful to find all the locations against one topic
and also useful for quick learning and easy understanding.
Do not OPEN any file online (means directly from website) but first SAVE it, then OPEN it from your PC,
if it opens as protected mode, just click “Enable Editing” at the top of the file and go to HELP tab for assistance.
If some mistakes or errors detected in Excel files. 
I would greatly appreciate
it, if you kindly give me feedback with file name and error reference.
I will do my best to fix it as early as possible.
These files should be error free, and the person, who will take part to improve these files,
will have endless reward from ALLAH subhana-hu-wa-Ta’ala.

Some videos are there for realizing the realities
that Quran is from ALLAH Subhanahu wa Ta’ala.

Some useful links are below.                                                                                {Some are for (absolute beginnersArabic learning}.

Quranic Arabic Conjugation Excel files:-

For downloading same Quran Excel files:-

MMDspqgrmr1Download PDF file for introduction

The best sites for Learning Quran and Grammar
For downloading PDF Quran and translations:- 

Following link for 18 lessons are useful for learning Arabic alphabets (absolute beginners) but for proper learning watch in sequence.


following link is a quick introduction about Arabic alphabets


Go to quran-excel.blogsopot.com by clicking on following animation  QErevMohammad Arshad Naseem            
Kashmeer house                   
abcarsdnSethi colony        
Abbottabad Pakistan  

20 responses to “Understanding Holy Quran

  1. salamoualaykum
    Thanks so much bro for these fantastic file, I hope you get more reward in chaa lah.
    Was wondering if you have XL or Word file where there is the start of 1/8 hezb.
    Thanks so much

  2. Asslamolaikum
    Excellent work! May Allah Taala reward you in this dunya and akhira
    I am involved in learning understanding of Qur’an in masjid and with students free of cost. I am planning to give follow up verses of qur’an on line for home study. Can we copy your material for student benefit.
    Can I contact you through e-mail or phone
    Abdul Majid MD
    Houston TX

    • Dear Abdul Majid,
      Thanks a lot for your interest, It’s my pleasure, if anybody
      will get benefit from my web by any means. Please read the help
      tab of any excel file. My mail address is there along with
      some requests and other help related material.
      May ALLAH (SWT) accept efforts from all of us.
      Muhammad Arshad Naseem

    • Dear Abdul Majid,
      I pay thanks to you for your comments and workings. Also I pay special thanks to Mr Muhammad Arshad for his great work for us Muslims to get real Guidance. I mean Real Guidance is from Holy Qur’an.
      A little intro please. I did Research on Holy Qur’an. On the base of research, ” WE DO CLAIM YOU ALL HAVE KNOWN MEANINGS OF ARABIC QUR’AN”.
      I am also writer.
      Appreciations for you all and best wishes and prays.Amen!

      • Dear Mustafa Shahzad,
        Thanks a lot for nice words, May Allah(SWT) accept our efforts. Aameen!
        It’s my pleasure, if somebody will get +ve benefit from my web.
        By the grace of Allah(SWT), Abdul Majid is doing very well and as per
        your research work, would you please like to share something? I am
        sure, it will be excellent!
        Muhammad Arshad Naseem

    • Dear Amir Hussain,
      I am doing this job individually, My sons have interest also, as they will finish their study,
      they will convert it into mobile applications (Android and iOS apps).
      Muhammad Arshad Naseem

  3. AoAlikum, Downloaded a file with word to word English and Urdu meaning, Updated for Urdu only first para and English all words.
    Any chance to download now full Urdu word to word. Please send me link to Atiqsuddle@yahoo.com.

  4. as salaamu ‘alaikum!

    How can we collaborate to create a ‘review’ schedule using excel as a ‘planning’ tool (and for making notes of mistakes, etc.) for one’s daily prayers (and there are differences between the madhaahib in the number of rakat for sunnah prayers) based on how much one has memorized?

    I have one sample, but want to add more to it. Yet, am only a novice with .xls.

    Jazaakumu Allahu khaira.
    as salaamu ‘alaikum.

    • Dear ayesha_nicole,
      Could you please send me that sample file, I will try my best to assist.
      in case of any question, I will contact you back.
      Muhammad Arshad Naseem

  5. JazakAllah Khairan for the effort. May Allah azza wa jal’l except this from all of you and let the ummah benefit for it’s fruits and make it a source of hasanaat for all of you till the end of time..

      • Assalam Alai Kum Mr Muhammad Arshad, We would like to know whether it is individual effort or you have team with you?

        • Dear Amir Hussain,
          I am doing this job individually, My sons have interest also, as they will finish their study,
          they will convert it into mobile applications (Android and iOS apps).
          Muhammad Arshad Naseem

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