Arabic for Absolute beginners

Creation of the Universe 25 videos

Scientific Miracles of the Qur’an 24 videos

Neutral viewpoints about Islam

Some other Videos

Quran-e-karim (Saud Ash Shuraim 30 Parts)

Quran-e-karim (with Urdu Translation)

(Dua’a) Supplication


4 responses to “Videos

  1. As-salam-o-alaikum,
    May I know what are your copyright terms and conditions for using some of your contents such as Al-Quran text, translation and videos.

    If possible please respond to my email

    Thanks you.

    • Dear Abdul Rauf Alipuddin,
      Thanks a lot for your interest, It’s my pleasure, if anybody
      will get benefit from my web by any means. Please read the help
      tab of any excel file. I clearly wrote something and requested something.
      May ALLAH (SWT) accept efforts from all of us.
      Muhammad Arshad Naseem

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