Islamic MIPs

Islamic MIPs
(Most Important Personalities) Excel File (rev2.5)




6 responses to “Islamic MIPs

  1. I see you don’t monetize your page, don’t waste your traffic, you can earn additional cash every month
    because you’ve got high quality content.

    • Dear Hermine,
      Thanks a lot! for nice words, by the grace of ALLAH(SWT) I completed this task and I am not in favor of earning money. I need the acceptance of Almighty ALLAH.
      Thanks and Regards,
      Muhammad Arshad Naseem

  2. sa
    brother Memona (RA) and Zainab (RA) (5th wife of the prophet (sav) should be brothers from the same father. i checked this from several sources. would you please check this again.

    • Dear Huseyn,
      Thanks a lot for your feedback, I prepared MIPs tree from different authentic resources, even than there could be some mistakes.
      I am ready to make corrections but I need the authenticity first. Could you please send the proof for the same as you said?
      I replied to your mail address also.
      Muhammad Arshad Naseem

  3. Dear Brother,
    Could you please forward me all the references that you have used in the making of this Tree. Thanks

    • Dear Yousaf Jamal,
      There are too many references, just write your concern. I will reply accordingly.
      If there are mistakes or errors, Please point those out. I will try to correct those,
      but with proper authentic reference.
      Muhammad Arshad Naseem

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